The thyroid is the organ with the highest selenium content!

By nature, the thyroid has the highest content of selenium. On the one hand, since selenium is necessary when forming the thyroid hormones for the cell protection and on the other hand since the bioactive form T3 can only develop with selenium from the thyroid hormone pre-stage T4. Here, the selenium-dependent selenoprotein deiodase is the key for the hormone activation which regulates among others basal metabolic rate, psyche, digestion, metabolism, temperature, growth, cardiovascular activity or the nature of skin, hair and nails. Accordingly, an adequate selenium supply is very important for the normal function of the thyroid and therefore for the regulation of the numerous thyroid-dependent body functions.
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Selenium protects cells

The maintenance of the selenium supply is one of the preconditions for the cell protection. In the organism, selenium helps to protect the body cells which are permanently at the mercy of attacks. The attacks come from the outside by environmental influences (UV light, radiation) and as well from inside by metabolic processes. The oxidative stress, developing in this context, can damage the body cells. Antioxidant protective systems in the body take care of the neutralisation of these aggressive substances and of the protection of cells and cell components. The essential trace element selenium is part of this antioxidant protective system and significantly involved in the protection of the cells from oxidative damage. The one who gets supplied sufficiently with the necessary selenium and pays attention to his selenium supply, does himself and his numerous cells something good.
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Selenium supports the immune system

A well working immune system, which is in action without pause in order to maintain the body healthy, is a precondition for a long life. Whether it is for the protection from viruses, to overcome infections, to regulate inflammatory processes or to dispose of defective cells. As central component in selenium-dependent proteins, selenium is involved in many processes of the immune system. An adequate selenium supply is obligatory for the support of the normal function of the immune system.
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Selenium for hair and nails

Hair and nails need selenium. The essential trace element is involved in the healthy cell cycle such as the one of hair and nails. Normally, oxidative stress, which can be caught by antioxidant elements, develops in the cell cycle. Selenium is part of the antioxidant protective system and thus, important for the maintenance of normal hair and nails. Moreover, selenium supports the normal thyroid function and has, thus, an influence on the maintenance of normal hair and nails..
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Men need selenium for the production of sperm

In approx. 30-40% of the cases, the reason for involuntary childlessness is up to the man1. Poor semen quality with regard to sperm density, motility and morphology can be one reason for this. For the man, the essential trace element selenium is especially important for the normal development of the sperm cells. Because increased oxidative stress in the sperm maturation can lead to cell damage, which can, however, be caught by selenium as part of the antioxidant protective system. Thus, male fertility is among others dependent on an adequate selenium supply.
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